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11 Easy Healthy Breakfasts

1. Protein Smoothie

Throw these ingredients in a magic bullet and you will get your protein and lots of vitamins from the fruit in a quick to go breakfast. I often drink it in the car.

1 c. frozen berries, 1/3 c. Greek Yogurt, 1/2 tbsp Stevia, 1 scoop Pro Grade Vanilla Protein, water to desired thickness or if you have almond milk it can add some great flavor.

2. Protein Mousse

1 c. Greek Yogurt, 1 scoop Chocolate Pro Grade Protein or Pro Grade Lean Meal Replacement, 1/2 scoop of either protein mixed with water to a runny consistency (just like if you were making a protein shake).

Drizzle the runnier protein over the Greek Yogurt and enjoy. It is even better when you have time to chill it in the fridge.

3. Healthy Egg Sandwich

Toast 2 slices of Ezekiel English Muffin or English Muffin of your choice. Throw on 2 cooked eggs over easy, a slice of your favorite cheese and you are done.

I like to add a few extras like yellow mustard, agave nectar and shaved turkey, but I am guessing that most of you will stick with the basic sandwich. I call this one the Chaswich- I dare you to try it!

4. No Bake Protein Cookies

1/2-1 c. oatmeal, 1-2 tbsp natural peanut butter, 1 scoop Pro Grade Lean or Protein powder, milk.

Mix dry ingredients. Add milk to make the consistency that you prefer. You are done! This too is very good if you have time to put it in the fridge over night, but either way it is delicious.

5. Oatmeal and a Protein Base Food

1 cup oatmeal old fashion oatmeal throw it in the microwave with water for a minute or two (do not buy the packets they are full of sugar!), add fresh berries or natural peanut butter for more flavor.

For some protein have 1 c. Greek Yogurt or cottage cheese or 2 eggs.

6. Left Over Chicken, Steak or Turkey From the Night Before

I know, I know many of you think that this is gross, but you wanted quick!

7. Jeannine's Home Made Crepes Ala Berry Compote

Don't ask me how to say it but I will eat it all day long.

1 c. almond milk, 1 c. whole wheat or brown rice pastry flour, 8 egg whites, a squirt of vanilla, add water to make them thin. Jeannine's grandma Fran (Franma) recommends using a cast iron skillet if you have one.

Berry Compote: 1-2 c. frozen berries- melt the berries on medium high and finish on low heat.

I recommend rolling the crepes with Greek yogurt in the middle and drizzling the berry compote over top.

8. Southwest Scrambled Egg Meal

My mouth waters just thinking about this one!

3-6 egg/egg white combination, 1 can of black beans, 2-4 oz of chopped up chicken breast (pre-cooked). 1-2 tbsp feta cheese. Cook everything together. If you have a little more time you can saute onions and peppers in a pan before hand to add in. Either way, toss your favorite Salsa on top and even add Greek Yogurt as a sour creme substitute. Throw this full meal in a bowl and eat it or take it with you.

9. Peanut Butter and Jelly Omelet

2 egg whites mixed with 1/2 tbsp stevia and 1/2 tbsp cinnamon. Cook like an omelet. While cooking the first side spoon in 1 tbsp peanut butter mixing so that it is evenly distributed. When it is partially cooked flip over 1/2 onto the other half as you do when cooking an omelet. Flip the omelet one more time to make sure it is fully cooked. Add sugar free jelly on top at the end. Enjoy!

10. Meal Movement Breakfasts

We have just partnered with a healthy food company that ships prepackaged food directly to your house called Meal Movement. This food has no artificial preservatives, is based around lean protein dishes and the taste is out of this world. There is no more convenient option than throwing your omelet in the microwave and having it ready 3 minutes later. There are several food plans to choose from that range in price from $3-$6 per meal. If you are interested e-mail us at for a first time buyer discount. We can even walk you through the whole process. Go to to check it out.

11. Pro Grade Lean Meal Replacement

2 Scoops, add water and shake. Gives you healthy whey protein as well as 8 grams of fiber to keep you satisfied. This is the quickest of all.