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Boot Camp

DeVetter Fitness boot camps are Omaha's best boot camps. DeVetter Fitness boot camps will help you to: get started with a work out routine, look your best for the big event or even to help you add a little spice to your current fitness routine. Boot camp can help you get toned, drop extra weight and body fat, and have a little fun in the process! Our Omaha, NE indoor boot camp is held year round.

Current Boot Camp Times (times are subject to availability)

Monday 6 AM   9 AM   5:30 PM
Tuesday 6 AM       5:30 PM
Wednesday     9 AM   5:30 PM
Thursday 6 AM   9 AM   5:30 PM
Friday 6 AM        
Saturday   8 AM   10 AM  

Our fitness boot camp sessions offer:

Learn new fitness techniques, make a few new friends, and get in the best shape of your life…all at one affordable price. Click the free trial button to register for the next boot camp before space runs out!

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Below are some regular people just like you, who also happen to be a part of the DeVetter Fitness Family.

Shelley Lessig

"I have lost about 50lbs and 15% body fat!"

Shelley Lessig Before Shelley Lessig After

"Over the last few years, I thought about trying an exercise bootcamp. Back in May, I stumbled upon DeVetter Fitness and decided to jump in and give it a try—one of the best things I've done for myself in the last several years! Of course, the first day I wasn't sure how I was going to make it to the end, but a fellow bootcamper told me in time it would get easier. Over the summer, I've built muscle, increased my endurance (making it easier to keep up with my kids!), lost several inches, and met some wonderful people. Everyone has been so welcoming and I always look forward to bootcamp! Currently, I have lost about 50 lbs and 15% body fat… Thanks DeVetter Fitness for being so helpful—you guys are awesome!"

Colby Woods and Jessica Pettinger

"The trainers knew us by name!"

Colby Woods before Colby Woods after Jessica Pettinger before Jessica Pettinger after

"If you're looking for a place where you can reach your fitness goals and have fun doing it, DeVetter Fitness is it. My fiancé and I have been going to DeVetter for 5 months now and have lost a combined 26lbs and 16 inches between the two of us! We love going to the boot camp where the trainers Bobby and Matt knew us by name within 5 minutes, and have pushed us to be in the best shape we have been in since our athletic days in high school! I would recommend Devetter Fitness to anyone looking to improve themselves and I am proud to say I belong to the DeVetter Fitness family!" —Colby Woods

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