DeVetter Fitness GroupWell

Welcome to DeVetter Fitness GroupWell!

Our goal is to help your employees with their goals. The health and wellness of corporate organizations is our number one priority.

"Corporate Wellness Programs don't have to be complicated. As a matter of fact, the more simplistic the program…the better. The GroupWell Program by DeVetter Fitness is a simple, basic program that can be implemented into any worksite of any size. Even if you have multiple sites, this program works! It will give your people the tools to make behavior changes and lead a healthier lifestyle. This program will engage your people and create a culture at your workplace that supports health and well being. Once GroupWell becomes part of your culture, you will see not only a positive bottom-line impact but happier, healthier, and a more productive team of people."

Howie Halperin
Former Executive Director
Wellness Council of the Midlands