DeVetter Fitness GroupWell

The Program

DeVetter Fitness GroupWell is a quick, easy way to start a wellness program. The program consists of a 12 video series, results tracking technology, and an optional weight loss competition. We work with the Wellness Council of the Midlands and insist that all of our clients are also WELCOA members. We also require that our clients have biometric screenings on a regular basis to ensure visible results. The program is results oriented and not just about participation. Because it is based on results, we are able to turn a large company with multiple locations in the direction of wellness.

The technology that we use makes it easy for companies to track and compare information year after year as well as add new health and wellness interventions. This simplifies the wellness coordinator's job and frees their time from keeping track of complicated statistics.

The videos are short, 10 minutes on average. They cover multiple topics such as nutrition, exercise, and the overall spectum of health and wellness for busy employees. The program is doable for anyone and provides different levels of difficulty in which employees can engage. Not only that, but it educates the employees on the basics of health and wellness, which measurements are important, which tests are important to their health and well being, and how they can improve their overall health.