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Semi-Private Training

Omaha's best personal training, small group personal training, and boot camps. DeVetter Fitness personal trainers and boot camp instructors are Omaha's experts. They are friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help you see amazing results! Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach Chas DeVetter and his personal training staff have helped thousands of Omaha residents to look better, move better and feel better. Please see below for more information on our semi-private personal training programs.

Current Semi-Private Training Times (times are subject to availability)

Monday 5:15 AM 1 PM 6:30 PM
Tuesday 5:15 AM 9 AM 6:30 PM 7:30 PM
Wednesday 1 PM 6:30 PM
Thursday 5:15 AM 6:30 PM 7:30 PM
Friday 5:15 AM 9 AM

"Finally, a Proven & Guaranteed Body Transformation System That Works EVERY TIME…Even if You Have Struggled in the Past!"

"AND Our Top Notch, Friendly Staff Will Get You Maximum Results in the Least Amount of Time Possible."

If you have come to this website hoping to find a way to achieve all of your fitness goals, you have come to the right place. At DeVetter Fitness we realize that most people do not see the results that they are looking for from dieting and exercise. In fact, we also know that there are several reasons that people FAIL, over and over again.

Those are all valid concerns and many of our former clients were stuck with some of those issues until they found DeVetter Fitness.

Luckily for you, we can help.

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"DeVetter Fitness has a Proven and Guaranteed Body Transformation System That Works EVERYTIME, Even if You Have Struggled in the Past."

DeVetter Fitness has literally helped thousands of clients with their body transformations goals. In fact our mission statement is to:

Help regular, busy people achieve amazing fitness results!

Owner and personal trainer Chas DeVetter started DeVetter Fitness to help people who did not know what to do, were too busy, or were sick and tired of not achieving their goals. As a former high school athlete and wrestler at the University of Iowa and University of Nebraska–Omaha, Chas was in great shape. He decided to modify what he had done for regular people who are not athletes but wore many hats including mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, boss, employee, friend, volunteer, and so on.

Athletes have all the advantages as far as exercise and nutrition help goes. That is why DeVetter Fitness has tailored its workouts for non-athletes: people who have not exercised in a long time or are not sure what to do as well as people who are already work out.

Below are some of the regular people just like you, who also happen to be a part of the DeVetter Fitness Family.

Dave Welte

"You WILL achieve your goal"

Dave Welte BeforeDave Welte After

"What I like most about the DeVetter Fitness system is that when you set a goal there, you will achieve that goal. It really is a no-failure philosophy working out in the system. They set you up for success. They give you every utility to achieve that goal. The workouts are phenomenal. They really teach you how to eat properly, tracking your calories, accountability…

Working out by yourself at another gym, you do not have that. Working out with personal trainers, you do not have that. With the DeVetter Fitness system, they give you a balance to achieve your goals. Really, working out with the DeVetter Fitness system, it's a total win.

I've seen tremendous results. I've lost 50 pounds. I've gone from 30% body fat to only 20% body fat. There are so many benefits with working out in the DeVetter Fitness system. You gain balance, you gain motivation, you gain the skills to train. You receive everything you need to achieve your goal, and you will achieve your goal."

Shawn Macken

"Don't think about it. Just do it."

Shawn Macken before Shawn Macken after

"[Joey and I] started the DeVetter Fitness program for the eight week Body Balance Challenge. The thing I liked most about the DeVetter Fitness program was the fact that they were balanced in how they focused on things. It's not just about exercise. They really put a big emphasis on nutriton and making sure that we knew how to eat properly.

As of this morning, I was down almost 26 pounds… If you're thinking about joining the program, don't think about it. Just do it."

Joey Macken

"Work up to your potential."

Joey Macken before Joey Macken after

"I learned a lot of different techniques and moves. I had fun with the trainers. I loved the comradery, all the people when you come in. It was just kinda fun to be on a mission with more than just myself.

I'm down over 20 pounds. And if you're a little intimidated, they make sure to tell you to stay at your own pace. You don't have to feel like you have to compete with these fitness buffs. They make sure to tell you that you can work at your own level and work up to your potential."

Travis Taylor

"I have lost over 45lbs and 11% body fat!"

Travis Taylor

"Chas DeVetter makes personal training and boot camps fun! I have lost over 45lbs and 11% body fat, all while having a good time."

Shon Thielen

Lost 26 pounds and over 16 inches in 8 weeks!

Shon Thielen before Shon Thielen after

"DeVetter Fitness thanks for all your help and support! You made it fun to work out again!"

Semi Private Personal Training is a great option for people who can relate to any of the following:

To find out if Semi Private Personal Training would be a good option, click here or on the FREE Trial Session button. AND, if you decide that you would like to join, mention that you saw this offer on our website and we will give you $99 off of your first purchase! Remember, at DeVetter Fitness we are so confident in our program that we offer a 100% money back guarantee if our program does not work for you. SO, there is very little risk.

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