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Success Stories

At DeVetter Fitness we believe in the personal training, fitness bootcamp and online personal training services that we provide but we understand that you want to hear from real clients to hear about their experiences.  Please take a moment to view some of the great people we have worked with and their thoughts about our services.

Check out this testimonial by Debbie Gethmann!

In this video, Brian Radermacher talks about how the DeVetter Fitness program has helped him.

Dave Welte

"You WILL achieve your goal"

Dave Welte BeforeDave Welte After

"What I like most about the DeVetter Fitness system is that when you set a goal there, you will achieve that goal. It really is a no-failure philosophy working out in the system. They set you up for success. They give you every utility to achieve that goal. The workouts are phenomenal. They really teach you how to eat properly, tracking your calories, accountability…

Working out by yourself at another gym, you do not have that. Working out with personal trainers, you do not have that. With the DeVetter Fitness system, they give you a balance to achieve your goals. Really, working out with the DeVetter Fitness system, it's a total win.

I've seen tremendous results. I've lost 50 pounds. I've gone from 30% body fat to only 20% body fat. There are so many benefits with working out in the DeVetter Fitness system. You gain balance, you gain motivation, you gain the skills to train. You receive everything you need to achieve your goal, and you will achieve your goal."

Shelley Lessig

"I have lost about 50lbs and 15% body fat!"

Shelley Lessig Before Shelley Lessig After

"Over the last few years, I thought about trying an exercise bootcamp. Back in May, I stumbled upon DeVetter Fitness and decided to jump in and give it a try—one of the best things I've done for myself in the last several years! Of course, the first day I wasn't sure how I was going to make it to the end, but a fellow bootcamper told me in time it would get easier. Over the summer, I've built muscle, increased my endurance (making it easier to keep up with my kids!), lost several inches, and met some wonderful people. Everyone has been so welcoming and I always look forward to bootcamp! Currently, I have lost about 50 lbs and 15% body fat… Thanks DeVetter Fitness for being so helpful—you guys are awesome!"

Sarah Scott

Lost 25 pounds in under 5 months!

Sarah Scott before Sarah Scott after

"All of the hard work has DEFINITELY paid off!!! Two babies later and I'm in better shape and feel better than I ever have!!"

Travis Taylor

"I have lost over 45lbs and 11% body fat!"

Travis Taylor

"Chas DeVetter makes personal training and boot camps fun! I have lost over 45lbs and 11% body fat, all while having a good time."

Stacia Hangley

Stacia Hangley

Stacia Hangley had to buy a whole new wardrobe after working out at DeVetter Fitness.

Nicole Kubany

"I managed to lose 23 lbs in 3 months."

Nicole Kubany before Nicole Kubany after

"This first time in my life a fitness program ever worked for me.

I chose DeVetter Fitness because their website showed real people at different fitness levels. Honestly, I was scared that a personal trainer would make me feel bad about myself. That never happened at DeVetter. Chas, the trainers, and Cara, are all really nice people who make you feel welcome and encouraged. They were able to customize a program for me. Even though I wasn't working out as hard or long as some of the other clients, I managed to lose 23 lbs in 3 months. I felt stronger, had a ton of energy, and of course looked better. My only regret is that I had to move for work and had to stop my program with them. I highly recommend DeVetter Fitness to anyone, whether you make the decision to start your fitness journey, looking to maintain your weight, or lose a few pounds."

Cheryl Mapes

"Down to my lowest weight in 18 years!"

Cheryl Hassenstab

"I have lost 35 lbs and I am down to my lowest weight in 18 years and I am down to a size 2 thanks to DeVetter Fitness! I have not felt this good since before I had 2 children who are now both in college."

Dr. Keith R. Lodhia, MD, MS

Letter of Recommendation

Dr. Keith Lodhia

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing a letter of recommendation on behalf of Chas Devetter of Devetter Fitness. I am a neurosurgeon with Midwest Neurosurgery and Spine Specialists, P.C., and assistant professor of neurosurgery at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. While my background is neurosurgery, I have had an interest in the neurophysiology of diet and exercise and have lectured on this topic. Chas and I became acquainted over a year ago and I workout and train with Chas on a routine basis.

Chas has been an impressive trainer and training partner and has a very wide knowledge base. While some trainers have a very limited scope of practice or training and seem to have a “one size fits all” training protocol, Chas uses his background and skills in personal training to focus on the individuals and their goals and is able to tailor a plan for the individual. Chas has knowledge of those exercises and training that can be used for individuals with various injuries or maladies, as well, which can be helpful in developing a training plan for those with physical limitations.

On a personal note, Chas is extremely reliable, hardworking and is a man of integrity. I would highly recommend Chas as a personal trainer.


Keith R. Lodhia, MD, MS

Donna Lessig

"Limitations...disappeared with the loss of 50 lbs!"

Donna Lessig Before Donna Lessig After

"I really have to thank Bobby and the total DeVetter staff. Workouts were never boring and Bobby was able to develop a program around some of my physical limitations, which by the way have disappeared with the loss of 50 lbs. DeVetter makes you feel like family instead of just a client."

Shawn Macken

"Don't think about it. Just do it."

Shawn Macken before Shawn Macken after

"[Joey and I] started the DeVetter Fitness program for the eight week Body Balance Challenge. The thing I liked most about the DeVetter Fitness program was the fact that they were balanced in how they focused on things. It's not just about exercise. They really put a big emphasis on nutriton and making sure that we knew how to eat properly.

As of this morning, I was down almost 26 pounds… If you're thinking about joining the program, don't think about it. Just do it."

Joey Macken

"Work up to your potential."

Joey Macken before Joey Macken after

"I learned a lot of different techniques and moves. I had fun with the trainers. I loved the comradery, all the people when you come in. It was just kinda fun to be on a mission with more than just myself.

I'm down over 20 pounds. And if you're a little intimidated, they make sure to tell you to stay at your own pace. You don't have to feel like you have to compete with these fitness buffs. They make sure to tell you that you can work at your own level and work up to your potential."

Colby Woods and Jessica Pettinger

"The trainers knew us by name!"

Colby Woods before Colby Woods after Jessica Pettinger before Jessica Pettinger after

"If you're looking for a place where you can reach your fitness goals and have fun doing it, DeVetter Fitness is it. My fiancé and I have been going to DeVetter for 5 months now and have lost a combined 26lbs and 16 inches between the two of us! We love going to the boot camp where the trainers Bobby and Matt knew us by name within 5 minutes, and have pushed us to be in the best shape we have been in since our athletic days in high school! I would recommend Devetter Fitness to anyone looking to improve themselves and I am proud to say I belong to the DeVetter Fitness family!" —Colby Woods

Jaimie Tramp

"The best way to get in shape fast!"

Jaimie Tramp

"Most people look for the easiest way, great people look for the best way…I would say that DeVetter Fitness Bootcamps are the best way to get into shape fast!"

Laura Neal

"Team like atmosphere"

Laura Neal

"As a college athlete, I enjoy the team like atmosphere at DeVetter Fitness boot camp."

Brendan O’Flynn

"Helped me push through my fitness plateaus"

Brendan O'Flynn

"Fitness has always been apart of my life, but DeVetter Fitness Boot Camps have helped me push through my fitness plateaus. The boot camps are always new and different. I really enjoy the variety and the way that the work outs can be as tough as you want them to!"

Steph Johnson

"Start living a healthier lifestyle"

"My boot camp goal was not only to lose weight but ultimately to start living a healthier lifestyle. This program has restored a love of working out for me but has also changed my eating habits and has me motivating my friends and family as well!"

Steph Johnson
DeVetter Fitness/Salon Fusion Fitness
Boot Camp Challenge Champion

Scott Carrico

"I can't stress enough how much better I now feel."

Scott Carrico

"I now work out 3-5 times a day with 40 minutes of weights and 30 minutes of cardio in each session. I have lost 10 pounds and considerable body fat.  I eat 6 to 7 smaller meals a day and have tons more energy. Chas has taught me not only what to eat, but when to eat. I can’t stress enough how much better I now feel."

Shon Thielen

Lost 26 pounds and over 16 inches in 8 weeks!

Shon Thielen before Shon Thielen after

"DeVetter Fitness thanks for all your help and support! You made it fun to work out again!"